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Peru Volunteer in Peru

"For me it really was a great experience. I loved everything about it! The Spanish school was super flexible and everyone was super helpful. The work with the dog shelter was also a lot of fun! I can only recommend this project and Cusco of course, which is an amazing place to start your travels!"

Celine Eninger, Germany

Peru prides itself on being home to a country of magnificent ancient empires, generous and whole-hearted people and breathtaking landscapes.  In fact, the value of the country’s history, culture and nature far outweighs all the gold that has ever been mined from its shores.  Rising from the Pacific ocean, the coastline soars into the towering mountains of the Andes before dropping deep into the dense, low lying Amazon rainforest.  Across all of this awe-inspiring terrain lies a diversity of cultures all as equally colourful and woven together by a shared love of food, music and dance.

It is no surprise that Peru also plays host to one of the world’s most diverse populations of fauna and flora. The species are as unique as they are varied and the opportunity to volunteer in Peru on a conservation project is nothing but a privilege.  After a trip to this South-American nation, it will be easy to say that no postcard will ever compare.

Our Projects in Peru

Geography and Climate

Larger than Spain and France combined, this South American country is divided by the Andes in the central region, with a coastal plain to the west and a low lying jungle to the east.  Climate varies quite significantly across these terrains.

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History and Culture

Peru is home to one of the most magnificent ancient empires and a culture blended from some of the world’s most festive and colourful traditions. Its food, music and dance will leave you full to the brim with happiness.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

The range of terrain and climate makes Peru one of the world’s top 10 ‘megadiverse’ countries.  A host to incredible fish, mammal and bird species, this country is renowned for its biodiversity and as a volunteer in Peru, you will be spoilt for wildlife sightings.

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