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Portugal Volunteer in Portugal

"It was an experience of a lifetime, everyone was so friendly, making the learning environment really positive. It just felt like home away from home, where you could meet people with the same interests as you/who are like-minded. You learn so much that you wouldn’t be able to learn elsewhere. "

Katy Sykes

Located at the very edge of the Iberian Peninsula in southwest Europe, Portugal is a combination of cultural, historic and natural treasures.  Adventuring in this country takes many forms.  From paddling under magnificent limestone cliffs where grottos and caves shadow the glistening waters to marvelling at architecture; like that of two of the country’s UNESCO world heritage sites, the main chapel of Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon and the striking red and yellow Pena Palace in Sintra. Not to mention taking a trip to the island territories of Azores and Madeira, off the south-west coast.  Here, the tranquility of the salt pools hide the violent volcanic eruptions of the islands’ origins.

The country, with such geographic and climatic diversity, offers a range of ideal habitats for its flora and fauna.  Volunteers in Portugal can enjoy researching whales and dolphins off the Algarve coast from May to October every year.

Our Projects in Portugal

Geography and Climate

Bordered by Spain and the Atlantic, Portugal is a relatively small country in south-west Europe.  Its climate is temperate and becomes warmer and drier as you move from the north to the south of the country.

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Culture and History

Dating back many thousands of years, the Portugal of today is influenced by the array of visitors that have occupied the land, from the Moors to the Romans.  The country will have you a spin with lively music, your tastebuds awash with delicious cuisine and your eyes dazzled by colourful and magnificent sites.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Portugal may be small, but it’s various terrains and climates make it abundant with ideal habitats for wildlife.  If you join our volunteer programme Portugal, you will be able to take part in researching and helping to protect whales and dolphins off the Algarve coast.

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