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Scotland Volunteer in Scotland

"The combination of beautiful scenery and wildlife sightings was added to by one evening being able to see the Northern Lights, a first for me. Overall an excellent experience, one which I would happily repeat."

Priscilla Marsden

Many people will probably tell you soon after visiting, that Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  And, after even just a moment in the country, you will likely understand why.  Scotland is stretching green valleys and beautiful bluebelled woodlands; it is dramatic rugged mountain peaks and misty winding roads; it is charmingly lively antique cities and rustic islands and it is icy deep lakes and rushing rivers.  Wherever you find yourself in this proud and generous nation, you can be sure that the chilly winds will be countered by the warmth of the people (and perhaps a couple of glasses of their world-renowned whiskey).

With so much incredible nature on display, it is no wonder that a number of species also find their homes in Scotland.  By volunteering in Scotland on our Dolphin and Whale research project, you are likely to encounter porpoises, bottlenose dolphins and a range of different whale species.

Our Projects in Scotland

  • Whale and Dolphin Conservation Volunteer Project, Hebrides

    • Duration 1-2 Weeks
    • Prices from £860

    Volunteer aboard the research yacht Silurian, exploring the Hebrides and collecting visual and acoustic data on various species of whale, dolphin and porpoise.

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Geography and Climate

Despite its small size, Scotland displays a range of geographical landscapes and climatic conditions.  It is a mix of mountainous highlands, fertile lowlands and grassy uplands.  The weather is slightly colder than England but quite temperate considering its northern location.

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History and Culture

Scotland has an interesting history and a rich and lively culture.  A dynamic spirit can be found at the heart of many towns and cities and, with multiple magnificent historical sites and hearty food and drink, you will hardly notice the cold.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Varied landscapes provide important internationally recognised habitats for an array of flora and fauna. Volunteers in Scotland can join our Whale and Dolphin project located in the Hebridean islands and help out with meaningful research and conservation.

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