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Seychelles Seychelles - Country Profile

"Both turtle monitoring and the seabird monitoring were incredibly educational experiences. Observing a turtle whilst she’s nesting is definitely one of the most special things I’ve seen, and I have developed a real fondness for the seabirds and their chicks whose progress we monitored in the weeks after they hatched."

Tyche, Netherlands

A collection of small islands in the Indian Ocean, 1600 km of the coast of Kenya, is the nation of Seychelles.  Small it may be, but lacking in beauty it is not.  In fact, it boasts some of the most picturesque beaches, emerald-tinged forests, impressive rugged granite boulders and reaching palm trees.  The few main islands hold 98% of the population while multiple others are largely uninhabited and model magnificent miniature worlds of biodiversity.  Marooned amidst what used to be extremely popular Indian Ocean trading and exploration routes, the islands have seen influences from Asia, India, Africa and Europe.  This blend means the food, music, traditions and language are all an interesting mix and are characteristically spicy, fresh and colourful.

It is also a nation that is home to some incredible endemic species and exhibits some truly successful conservation stories, including the rescuing of two rare bird species from the brink of extinction.  Now a safe haven for many exotic and unique fauna and flora, this is a place where Mother nature really shows off.  Volunteering in the Seychelles offers both an escape from busy lives and the opportunity to discover unique wildlife and a tantalising culture.

Our Projects in Seychelles

  • Seychelles Island Conservation Volunteer Programme

    • Duration 2-4 Weeks
    • Prices from £708

    Join various island and tropical wildlife conservation projects within the beautiful Nature Reserve on Cousin Island in the Seychelles. These projects are aimed at conserving the natural environment of the island that include sea turtle monitoring, bird ringing, habitat conservation and censuses of tortoises, skinks and geckos.

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Geography and Climate

Seychelles is a unique archipelago, or collection of islands, in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa and north of Madagascar.  Made up of two types of island, granite and coral, the nation is a combination of rocky areas, small hills, fertile land, indigenous forest and narrow beach strips.  The climate is tropical with warm temperatures throughout the year.

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History and Culture

The island nation has played host to multiple visitors since the 10th century, though it was only settled on in the 18th century.  A blend of influence from Asia, India, Africa and Europe, the culture in Seychelles will leave your taste buds tingling, your feet tapping and your heart warm.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

With such an array of small, many untouched, islands, the Seychelles is teeming with incredible wildlife.  Endemic fauna and flora thrive across the nation and offer volunteers in the Seychelles some of the most incredible examples of biodiversity as well as the opportunity to contribute to successful conservation stories.

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