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Slovakia Volunteer in Slovakia

"My two weeks spent in Slovakia were absolutely incredible. Every day we were surrounded by incredible scenery while getting the chance to contribute to a worthwhile project alongside people from all over the world."

Caitlin Bubb, Australia

There are some truly spectacular sights to see in Slovakia.  Its national parks boast some gut-wrenchingly drastic cliffs which descend into emerald green forests.  An array of pristine natural lakes scatter themselves across the mountainous regions. The dense forests in the north are replaced further south by hilly grasslands atop which are perched some picturesque castles that transport you to another era.

One of the country’s most beautiful national parks, Slovenský Raj, which translates to ‘Slovak Paradise’, is the perfect description of the country’s wilderness and wildlife.  It really is a place that offers a paradise to a number of species, from brown bears and wolves to marmots and to butterflies and dragonflies. For those coming to volunteer in Slovakia, exploring this country is a privileged experience that everyone should grab with both hands.

Our Projects in Slovakia

  • White Wilderness – Carpathian Wolf Tracking Volunteer Project, Slovakia

    • Duration 1 Week+
    • Prices from £990

    Track Wolves in the beautiful Tatra mountains in Slovakia, the highest range of the Carpathians, and learn more about this magnificent animal.

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Geography and Climate

Rugged mountains and dense forests characterise this small landlocked central European country.  Natural lakes and fertile lowlands are also scattered around.  The climate brings quite warm, even hot, summers and cold winters.

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History and Culture

Characterised by being a part of other powerful empires throughout history, the now independent Slovakia has some wonderful culture to offer volunteers.  Although it shares similarities with many other central European countries, it also has some unique traditions and folklore.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Incredible landscapes lend themselves to beautiful wildlife, and Slovakia is no exception. Alongside large mammals, an array of birds inhabit the vast forests. If you come to volunteer in Slovakia, you may encounter wolves and lynx on our wildlife tracking volunteer project in the Tatra mountains.

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