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"Having the opportunity to go out on the research boat and survey wild dolphins in the water around us was an incredible experience I’ll never forget."

Matthew Garrett, UK

Spain, one of the largest countries in Western Europe, displays both rustic charm across its towns and cities as well as wild coastlines and impressive mountain ranges that dramatically alter the skylines.  Magnificent architecture, whose patterns and colour leave you inspired, can be found in most urban areas and gives visitors a glance into the country’s history as one of the wealthiest empires in the 16th century.  This is also reflected in the art and culture of the different regions, with some of the world’s best art museums nestled amid bustling cities.

With landscapes that range from forested coastlines to towering rocky mountains, to lush lakes and rivers, this is a country that boasts an incredible array of wildlife.  It is home to a number of endangered species that are increasingly the focus of conservationists.  Volunteers in Spain can make the most of this by taking part in our marine conservation internship programme in Tenerife.

Our Projects in Spain

Geography and Climate

A diverse country, both geographically and climatically, Spain offers a variety of landscapes and weather. Mountain ranges and wild, fertile coastlines, as well as stretching plateaus, characterise the terrain. Largely the country is temperate, with hot summers and cold winters inland and cool summers and winters along the coast.

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History and Culture

With a variety of regional traditions, Spanish culture is a mix of colourful food, captivating music and dance and a long history of inspiring art and architecture. The country has all this as well as open and friendly people to offer travellers.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Spain is one of the countries in the EU with the richest ecological biodiversity and one of 25 hotspots across the globe. It displays a range of incredible mammals, reptiles, fish and birds as well as unique endemic species, including the blue whale.

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