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Sri Lanka Volunteer in Sri Lanka

"I was very impressed by efforts to simultaneously improve the lives of the local wildlife and the community through their projects. I am both humbled and satisfied by this amazing experience and the opportunity it gave me to help elephants and humans live in harmony. "

Blake Bowen, Australia

Sri Lanka is a country steeped in rich history and tradition and an island immersed in spectacular natural landscapes.  Once the playground of ancient civilizations, the country is today famed for endless sandy beaches, intricate ruins, explosive flavours and vividly lush vegetation.  The small nation packs a mighty punch when it comes to travel with a myriad of charms only recently discovered, an impressive eight UNESCO heritage sites and the world’s oldest living human-planted tree in Anuradhapura; which is the tree under which Buddha is said to have found enlightenment.

As a volunteer in Sri Lanka, such a statement won’t surprise you after a short stay in the country, where there is little you won’t find yourself wondering at.  The Sri Lankan way of life is honest and filled with humility and happiness.  In fact, this is one of the reasons why the country is famed for having a great appreciation for the simple things in life; like nature or a classic cup of tea.

Our Projects in Sri Lanka

  • Elephant Conservation Volunteer Project, Sri Lanka

    • Duration 1+ Weeks
    • Prices from £891

    Assist with the conservation of wild elephant populations and carnivore research in a vast national park located in the heart of Sri Lanka. Support the efforts to mitigate human-wildlife conflict in the region for the protection of wildlife and livelihoods of local farmers.

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Geography and Climate

Known as the ‘teardrop of India’, this island nation is characterised by a coastal belt, vast stretches of coastal plains and, in the southern-central region, rugged mountains.  The climate is hot and tropical, although variations can occur depending on what region you are in.  The seasons are heavily influenced by the monsoons.

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History and Culture

The island nation’s history is characterised by religion, migrationwithand conflict.  Today, it displays a unique blend of all the influences it has experienced through the generations. Its culture is colourful, spirited and friendly and its religious and historical wonders are scattered across the country.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

With some of the world’s most beautiful terrains and an array of protected areas dotted from the innermost heartland to the outermost islands, Sri Lanka offers wildlife enthusiasts some of the most sought-after experiences. In addition volunteers in Sri Lanka can get involved in wild elephant conservation and carnivore research.

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