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St. Eustatius Volunteer in St. Eustatius

"I really enjoyed the rides with the truck around the island, weather we were going to chase down iguanas, go and maintain the Botanical Garden, clean the beach of garbage or go on a beautiful Hike on the Quill or Boven Hill. Every viewpoint offered beautiful “pictures” of the Island and its surroundings."

Laura Filimon

The Caribbean holds so much more than just pirate treasure, and St Eustatius, affectionately known as Statia, is the just one of example of this fact.  From idyllic beach to rainforest treetops, and from calming woodlands to a large, volcanic crater, this small island constituency will leave your eyes sparkling, your mind rested and your heart full.  Its close-knit and friendly community is an amalgamation of a variety of cultures which come together in harmony across the numerous, lively celebrations throughout the year.  With its incredible array of land and marine life and historically known as ‘the Golden Rock’, because of its natural beauty, St. Eustatius is bound to live in your dreams years after your visit.

Volunteering in St. Eustatius offers you the chance to immerse yourself in island life and play your part in helping to protect and conserve the wildlife found in the marine and national parks of the island.

Our Projects in St. Eustatius

  • Statia Conservation Volunteer Project, St. Eustatius, Caribbean

    • Duration 8-12 Weeks
    • Prices from £180

    Volunteer in the Caribbean on the stunning island of St. Eustatius, in the Dutch Antilles, overlooking St. Kitts in the Caribbean Sea

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Geography and Climate

Dominated by a large, dormant volcano in the south-east, the landscape includes lush rainforest, smaller hills and very narrow coastline.  The hot, tropical climate experiences consistently warm temperatures which are eased by cool winds.

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History and Culture

A contested island in the middle of the Caribbean, St. Eustatius has played an important role as a port for European countries across the centuries.  Today its natural beauty and lively culture draw visitors from all over the world.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Its small size and calm landscapes conceal an array of fauna and flora extending from the top of the forested volcano into the deep reefed waters.  With multiple valuable ecosystems, volunteers in St. Eustatius play a big part in protecting and supporting the wildlife and habitat of the island.

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