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"Being able to lead the Eco Camp at the end of my stay was definitely one of the highlights of my internship. I was able to share my enthusiasm for the environment with not only the children at the camp but their parents as well."

Fraser Dane

The United States is definitely a land of greats – great influences, great landscapes, great animals and great wonders.  With such vast land mass, it’s no stretch to imagine just how much beauty is contained within its borders.  There are canyons that leave you feeling smaller than the smallest creature; forests that engulf you in cool, green shade; sunny countrysides whose farmlands mosaic into an appealing form of art; deserts whose endless space makes you feel strangely at peace and bustling cities whose teeming life lifts your spirit.  And even this is only to mention a few of the gems scattered generously across the states.

From grizzly bears to mountain lions and from fireflies to rainbow trout, the biggest and the smallest really do find a place in the varying terrains.  There are few words that can adequately describe the wonder and character of the country – it is simply easier if you join as a volunteer in the USA and see it for yourself.

Our Projects in USA

  • California Conservation Volunteer Project

    • Duration 8 - 12 weeks
    • Prices from £1550

    An opportunity to volunteer all across National Parks and Nature Reserves throughout California, whilst gaining experience in ecological restoration and conservation work

  • Oregon Nature Conservancy Programme, USA

    • Duration 8 to 10 weeks
    • Prices from £195

    Opportunity for Ecology and Botany students to work closely with conservation professionals in the Zumwalt Prairie in North Eastern Oregon in the USA.

  • Galena Creek Visitor Center Volunteer Project, Nevada

    • Duration 9 weeks
    • Prices from £195

    Environmental volunteer positions are available to assist with environmental education in the Galena Creek Park in Nevada, USA.

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Geography and Climate

The United States is an incredibly vast country, and with such size comes expected diversity in both climate and geography.  The country ranges an incredible amount from snow-tipped mountains to low lying deserts and fertile valleys and the climate varies just as drastically.

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Culture and History

Despite the dominance of an ‘American culture’ whose influence is felt globally, there is also a considerable amount of diversity across the country.  This comes from centuries of immigration and influence as well as indigenous groups.

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Wildlife and Biodiversity

Along with diversity in terrain comes diversity in species, and the United States is no exception. From the largest grizzly bear and moose, to the smallest squirrel and dragonfly, the country puts on an impressive natural show. Join as a volunteer in the USA and experience it for yourself!

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