Providing meaningful and responsible volunteer experiences across Southern Africa. Bridging the gap between conservation areas and communities.

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Conservation Travel Africa provide responsible and meaningful working safari holidays, volunteer programmes, gap year travel and adventure travel packages in Southern Africa. Volunteer projects include: wildlife conservation, community development and volunteer teaching.

Camera trap photo of a RhinoVolunteer with an ElephantConservation education in Victoria falls, ZimbabweVolunteers inspect a rhino's hornVolunteers having fun in the riverAnti Poaching Volunteer with a lionTeaching volunteers at a local schoolRelaxing by the fire in the eveningFeeding a RhinoVolunteer gives a rhino a kiss!Leopard shell tortoiseLion looks out from the bushTwo volunteers with rhinos

Volunteer with Elephants in AfricaConservation Travel Africa specialise in providing meaningful and worthwhile volunteer and youth travel programmes, focusing on projects in Zimbabwe. Their volunteer projects, working safari holidays and adventure travel packages are suitable for intrepid explorers of all ages, whether as part of a gap year programme, working safari holiday, career break or for older volunteers seeking a new challenge. They also have several conservation and community programmes suitable for families who wish to volunteer together.

What makes Conservation Travel Africa different?
They know there are lots of volunteer projects out there, how are their's different?

Well, by being based on the ground in Africa, they are able to ensure first-hand that all of their volunteer programmes and packages have a long term and sustainable structure with measurable and achievable goals, which really benefit the animals, people and communities they were put in place to help. Volunteers really make a difference to long term projects.

If you want to make a real difference, meet inspirational people and contribute to real projects, their programmes are for you!

Giraffe drinking from a riverWhy volunteer in Africa?
Africa is vibrant, colourful, noisy and exciting! Volunteering in Africa will open your eyes, your mind and your heart and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Their aim is to conserve and protect the wild areas of Africa and use volunteer tourism to share these areas with guests and help ensure their future protection. Volunteers play a crucial role in donations of time, skills, energy and enthusiasm and without volunteers, many projects would struggle to continue their work.

Volunteer projects

Volunteers canoeing on the river

Volunteer projects cover the following areas:

1. Wildlife conservation volunteers

Based in some of the most beautiful wilderness areas in Africa, these wildlife projects include hands on black rhino conservation, tracking wild dogs, monitoring elephant populations in National Parks and assisting in anti-poaching.

2. Wildlife research volunteers

Volunteers can assist with both small and large animal research, helping collect data used for future strategic planning and animal management.

3. Community development volunteers

Assist in local communities with craft programmes, sustainable farming and community development as well as conservation education projects.

4. Teaching volunteers

One of the most rewarding volunteer projects - help in schools with Early and Basic Literacy Programmes, conservation and environmental education projects and life skills education.

5. Working safari holidays


You can volunteer from 2 weeks to 6 months depending on the project.

Some of their projects will also take short term volunteers, please ask when enquiring!

Community sanitation project in AfricaAdventure travel packages - got a bit more time?
For travellers who are able to spend a bit more time in Zimbabwe, they can put together an amazing package which will give you a great experience of the best that Zimbabwe has to offer - from the majestic Victoria Falls, hands on black rhino conservation, living and working in a 3,200sqkm safari area and visits to cultural sites such as Great Zimbabwe.

Youth and school travel experiences
CTA ystrongly believe in the educational value of travel, in taking students out of the classroom to experience real-life situations where they can apply traditional classroom knowledge. The student travel programmes are based on five core pillars - conservation education, community service, leadership, team building and life skills training and are based in some of Africa's most stunning wilderness areas, where students can learn new skills, meet new people and achieve personal growth. They can design a programme to encompass your curriculum and school objectives and use experienced student travel professionals and conservationists to maximise the learning experience.


Imire Black Rhino and Elephant Conservation project

My time on this project was absolutely fantastic - words cannot describe it! The people there was so kind to me, and I felt very good from day one - they were always very helpful if I needed help or had any kind of problems. I really appreciated that! I think the accommodation was very good and I had my own room with shower and toilet.

I had the chance to be a part of the veterinary work by assisting the vet at the "Wednesday Veterinary Clinic" where I had the change to assist vaccinate and help feeding dogs from the local villages. The experience of seeing how happy people were for us to take care of their dog was amazing. I also liked driving in the bush and helping people with their animals. And being a part of The 24 hour Veterinary hospital was for sure interesting! I took part in a lot of veterinary work which i preferred because i an a Vet student.

I will give all my very best wishes to Sarah, Vin and the rest of the amazing staff for their beautiful work. I cannot wait to get back, and I can absolutely recommend this to anybody else who has a passion for taking care of animals.
Christina Zacho, Zimbabwe Animal Sanctuary volunteer

We really enjoyed our stay here and would highly recommend Imire to anyone considering a volunteer programme. Imire offers unique opportunities and lots of close up animal encounters each day, in an amazing location. Swimming with the elephants and visiting the cave paintings are nice extras. Imire’s volunteer programme by far exceeded our expectations.
Zoe Luxton and Pete Rees - Black Rhino & Elephant Conservation volunteers

A very well-planned and managed volunteer programme with a healthy balance of fun and work! I felt it was very important that volunteers are involved with the physical work such as clearing fence lines and painting pens as these activities serve to inform the volunteer how much work and effort goes into the running and management of a game reserve. There was lots of hands-on animal experience with a genuine approach to conservation.
Jolene Knight, Black Rhino & Elephant Conservation volunteer

This programme has been an amazing, eye-opening experience. We didn’t see any other people apart from people we worked with, no other vehicles, you don’t hear anything except for nature. You hear the birds, we heard lions roaring, elephants trumpeting and it was just incredible to feel that you’re actually out in Africa, in its rawest form - its truly wild.
Lindsey Bell, Working Safari volunteer

Volunteer on a Teaching & Literacy project, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

My decision to come here was based solely on rhinos and elephants. I struck gold. Imire is truly an amazing place. Whether it’s the incredible work they are doing for conservation or their work in the community, there is no shortage of loving feelings to be had. Right from the first day you can feel the place is brimming with passion. The people were all such a real treat. By the second day everyone in the game park knew my name and by the third day we were all good friends. They all made this trip a huge step up from a group of volunteers to a family. The only advice I can say is that two weeks is never enough. NEVER.
Paul Sousa, Black Rhino & Elephant Conservation volunteer

To feel that I’ve contributed to this project is absolutely great. The people I met are so passionate and to be a part of that and to feel that we’ve done some good is incredible. Tracking the lions was amazing and it was so exciting to feel that at any moment we would hear the beep from the telemetry set and be able to see them. Watching a herd of elephants pass us by at close range was also incredible and well worth the anticipation as we were waiting quietly on a rock hearing them come closer and closer.
Mila Gordon-Creed, Working Safari volunteer

It’s hard to put my experience at Imire into words! Working so closely with the rhino was incredible - a real once-in-a-lifetime experience - and the work that goes into protecting this wonderful animal is inspiring and never-ending. The horse riding programme was really amazing because we could ride right up close to most of the animals and see the whole park from a different perspective. This must be the greatest way to have experienced Zimbabwe!
Margot Hayes, Equine Management & Wildlife Conservation

Volunteer Alicia in ZimbabweThe Equine programme was perfect for me and the mix of riding and other activities was really good. I could have continued on the programme for a month! To share Judy’s passion for the animals and to listen to her knowledge was a real privilege. My best moments were in the early morning when everyone else was asleep and I went out to talk to the rhinos with their soft faces and kind eyes - those mornings will stay with me forever. The hours spent on horseback, away from the roads and getting really close to the game, were nothing short of magical.
Anna Jarl, Equine Management & Wildlife Conservation

I was so impressed by the project staff and teachers at Jabulani's values,  drive and their commitment to the environment and local communities. We had an absolutely amazing experience. The combination of working surrounded by nature and within the community makes you feel in perfect balance. I have never felt happier and more comfortable than with the people who I met on this project - they have 100% integrity. It is impossible for me to write what I enjoyed the most about my time in Victoria Falls - the people, the animals or the nature that surrounds you. I felt I had achieved a perfect balance - doing good work, enjoying life, meeting extraordinary people, seeing amazing animals and landscapes, watching the moon rise on the Zambezi River, having a drink next to a grazing elephant. I could not pick one moment to like the best. I would like to thank the inspirational people who I met on my Zimbabwe adventure and who ensured it was a most amazing experience.
Brigitte Dierckx and Dries Platteau, Teaching & Literacy, Victoria Falls


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